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500-4000 Plastic Golf Tees Size 2 3/4inches 70mm

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500-4000 Pieces Quality Plastic Golf Tees.

Choose from one of four colors: Green, Yellow, White or Orange

These tees will help you drive that golf club higher and harder, as corny as that sounds!

Our Biodegradable Golf Tees is mainly made from natural renewable polymers and based on aliphatic polyesters such as corn starch and Poly Lactic Acid, which are fully biodegradable, environmentally safe and one of the most abundant resources of the world. The biodegradable golf tee, meets the demands of professional golfers and the requirement of golf course owners and operators. Golf course owners and operators may save on mower maintenance using the biodegradable golf tee.


  • No change in the way you play the game
  • Plastic-Like Behavior
    Degrades naturally without any environmental pollution: No need to pick up the broken pieces, it will biodegrade and gradually disappear within approximately 6 months, depending on the oxygen, fertilizer, humidity, pH, and temperature. Effective bio degradation rates will vary.
  • Less harmful to mower blades and equipments
  • Avoid damages to your golf club head
  • Wide range of color selections including metallic styles
  • Reduce repair costs on mowing machines
  • Avoid tee litter
  • Save your money and save trees!
  • Does not cause any toxic gas or environmental pollution if incinerated
  • Golf Course and Wildlife Friendly
  • USGA Compliance

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